We just uploaded Direct OQRS requests we received through Feb 21, 2020 (included) to LOTW.

If your contact is not there – let us know. We could’ve missed some of them, as it is well over 7,500 contacts (out of 30,000 total) already confirmed through LOTW by requests.

Dima, RA9USU

4 replies on “OQRS – LOTW”

my contact is not there
1 2020-02-06 05:36 TI9A 40m 7.085 FT8 EJ65 Cocos Island DX-pedition February 2020
2 2020-02-05 06:50 TI9A 30m 10.145 FT8 EJ65 Cocos Island DX-pedition February 2020

Because you are not among those, who requested Direct QSL through ClubLog OQRS. General log will be uploaded in January 2021.

I did OQRS on 22nd February, and wonder when my LoTW confirmation will appear for our 30m FT8 QSO on 7th February at 0813UTC?
Many thanks for the new slot!

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