TI9A DX-pedition on track.

For the last two years I and Jorge, TI2JV planned another operation from Isla del Coco. This time as a real DX-pedition.

We have all necessary permits and TI9A license in hand and getting ready for a start of our journey.

Usually I avoid announcing any activity before hand, but to keep you posted we will have this informational website ready.


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With respect, whoever is running FT8 now (30M, 2/3/2020 at 0445Z) needs to understand the process better, as it is nearly unusable at present. Your time base is off by 1.4 seconds making synchronization difficult, and retries are many. Response is erratic, etc. Also consider running in F/H mode, as most DXpeditions do. Many would like to work you but it is nearly impossible with these issues.

Greetings Barry,
That was our first try on FT8 without the ability of automatic time correction, as there was no Internet available on the island. Later we fixed that issue with GPS-to-USB (NMEA) and had to repeat the process every three hours, as newer computers tend to “runaway” about two seconds in a day.

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